Registration for 2021-22 is now open.


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Pricing for the 2021-22 Calendar Year

$35.00 registration fee individual Student

$50.00  registration fee for family

  • Creative Movement (40 Min) $59.00/monthly installment

  • Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap (45 Min ) $65.00/monthly installment

  • Ballet I, II, III/ Tap I, II, III Combo (1 hour) $76.00/ monthly installment

  • My Mini Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo (1.5 hour)/$116.00 /monthly installment

  • My Mini Ballet/Tap/Jazz/ Musical Theater (2.5 hours) $155.00

  • Junior Youth Ballet/Tap/Musical Theater (3 hours) $160.00

  • Junior Company (5 hours) $165.00/monthly installment

  • Senior Apprentice/ Senior (8 hours) $185.00/monthly installment

  • Musical Theater (1 hour) $90.00 Monthly installment

  • Musical Theater + Moovin and Groovin ( 2 Hours $152.00)

  • Musical Theater + TEEN Tap and Jazz (2 Hours) $152.00

  • Voice Lessons - Paid directly to the teacher $23.00 1/2 hour

  • Piano Lessons- Paid directly to teacher $23.00 1/2 hour

Available to Senior Company ONLY

Private Lessons- Dance 1 hour $60.00

Solo for Dance Competition or Dance Performance- $600.00

Includes 6 Private Lessons for Choreography

Studio rehearsal space for student practice 

Solo Costume $100.00

Solo Competition Fee paid to competition Company $100.00-$120.00


(Automatic payment on the 1st day of each month, September-June)

Company members September-August

Christmas Show Costumes My MIni (Monday)Jr and Sr Company Only

$100.00 Junior Sr App and Sr Companies

$75.00 My Mini (Monday)

Musical Theater Program- how many costumes your child will have will be determined after auditions.

$25.00 per costume rental- MUSICAL THEATER -FULL PERFORMANCE

This includes: measuring, sizing, picking from our costume stock, altering/sewing, steaming/ ironing, packing, transporting to the theater, cleaning/ washing/ dry cleaning after the performance, restocking after the performance. any extra's that have to be purchased, all props used with the costume.

2021 Recital / Student Showcase 

Jr. Sr. Sr App $100.00

All Children's Dance Classes $75.00

All Costumes will be fitted, hung in garment bags, ironed/steamed, and transported to the school for the performance. All costumes include head pieces.

After the performance children will be allowed to take their costumes home.